Homes for Living is a not-for-profit organisation being set up to provide affordable housing in Liss, Hampshire.

We aim to provide homes at approaching half the market price, under two conditions:

the resale value will only go up with inflation, with adjustments for improvements and dilapidation, and

the resident must pay a modest land rental charge which will be re-invested to provide more affordable housing in the local area.

Priority will be given to those with a local connection, and so the homes will remain affordable for ever for the benefit of those in the local community.

Land will be held in a Community Land Trust. We have obtained initial funding from the National CLT Network to help with setting this up.

Community Land Trusts are by nature democratic, and we will be trying to involve members of the local community as much as possible. At this stage, we would like to receive expressions of interest from would-be residents, and other supporters.


Newsflash 28th November 2017

We found some land!

We're excited to announce that we've found a plot of land near Liss, big enough to build all the homes we need. We are in friendly discussions with the owners, and we hope to have concluded a deal in the next few months. At the same time, we'd like to hear from other landowners in or around Liss, so that we can compare all our options.